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The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle, #1) - Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss is a cheater!


The Name of the Wind introduces you to a mysterious character, Kvothe, who resides in a backwater town. Rothfuss eloquently nudges us to consider this man is more than he seems, a man of power, an eye in a powerful storm. I flipped the pages eager to find out who Kvothe is, why he is posing as an innkeeper in a small village, and discover his impact on the world at large.



Each page failed to answer my need, rather, it introduces risks, paints threats in the superstition of a people too afraid to accept the truth. I flipped on, reading into the late hours of the night, and discovered myself in the trap too late.


Instead of telling us about the present world, about the threats Kvothe briefly addresses, we are thrown back in time to the beginning. Rothfuss oils the pages with carefully constructed sentences that invites the imagination to a rich world. Before you know it, you're hundreds of pages in and committed.


Unlike other traps, you're happy to be caught.


What makes The Name of the Wind engrossing is the ease of the story. It's not to say the writing is basic, rather, some claim it has large swaths of purple prose. You're eased into the story. The medium of page and ink disappear and you are an audience of Kvothe's telling. His memory sinks into yours and you see what he recounts. You are a witness of Kvothe's life.


Now I'm a victim entangled in the Kingkiller Chronicles. Instead of fleeing, I've bought the second massive volume. I recommend this series to any fan of fantasy, any fan of excellent story telling. Even if Patrick Rothfuss is a cheater